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Strategic services, training, facilitation and coaching with 'the difference that makes the difference' for businesses and organisations of all shapes and sizes

Whatever goals and outcomes you're trying to achieve or problems you're trying to solve, our unique combination of a "design-thinking" approach, tried and tested business strategy tools and specialised psychological and linguistic techniques will get you there.

Our tried and tested methods work in public, private and 3rd sectors because they focus on needs - our work has enormous impact in any business and is particularly sought-after in health, housing and social care. Click on one of the boxes below to read more about our services:

To name just a few successes, we've worked on things as diverse as:

  • Strategies across health, housing and social care for the Welsh Government
  • Service design and value-proposition creation for a major social housing provider based in Scotland
  • Business models, growth strategies, conferences and stakeholder engagement for a national industry body
  • Training programmes for entire teams of social workers in Lancashire
  • Training programmes for senior managers in a leading deap-sea engineering firm based in Newcastle
  • Participation on the board of local NHS trusts in the North East and a growing community development trust on North Tyneside

Strategic design

A creative, practical and collaborative approach to improving your business or creating new, well thought-out and desirable services and experiences

Design-Thinking for effective and desirable services

We guide you through a "design thinking" creative process that is user-centred, co-creative with your stakeholders, carefully sequenced and evidenced, and holistic across your whole system of systems:

  1. Empathise: gathering insight and intelligence from different angles and sources
  2. Define: identifying the critical questions and defining the 'problem'
  3. Create: engage your team and stakeholders in co-creating ideas
  4. Focus: narrow down the best ideas and check the solution throughout your system
  5. Deliver: repeat and refine the process and build your solution

This process gives you a empathic understanding of your customers' needs and helps your team develop the environments, tools and processes to deliver useful, effective, distinctive and desirable services.

The right help, the right tool, at the right time

At every step of the way we use an extensive toolkit built from years of experience in the public, private and 3rd sectors including:

  • Specially adapted business tools using the psychology and linguistics of behavioural change, giving you the edge in understanding your customers and managing change
  • Tried and tested business analysis tools such as Value-Chain analysis, Business Model Canvas creation and Blue Ocean strategy combined in new ways
  • Creative workshops and conversational techniques for 'quick wins'

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Strategic problem solving

Helping you solve your performance, motivational, cultural and tactical problems with a creative toolkit and systems-thinking approach for far-reaching impact

A systems-thinking approach to making change 'stick'

Our process recognises that your problem exists in an 'eco-system' of organisational culture, people and processes - solutions to your problems can only take hold if the impact and any other knock-on effects are positive across the whole system. This approach has been invaluable during board membership with local NHS and community development trusts, helping to bring about lasting and meaningful change.

Clarifying the relationship between where you are and where you need to be

We explore this eco-system and challenge and support you to clarify, question and develop not just what you think... but how you think, feel and behave in this context. Along the way, we select a bespoke mix of tools and techniques that draw from change management principles and the psychology and linguistics of behavioural change:

  • Analysis of your organisation's current 'eco-system' with Core Competency analysis, Root-Cause analysis and techniques adapted from Kaizen, Lean and Six Sigma
  • Mapping and checking the alignment of 7 key characteristics of your organisation, your people and your processes
  • Planning your solution with structured frameworks, insightful techniques that put you in your customers' and staff's shoes, and sometimes creative tools using drawing, metaphor and more!

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Short training workshops or bespoke training programmes to improve leadership, influencing, management, service and communication skills

Purposeful, adaptive training that works anywhere and everywhere

We've trained everyone from business leaders to teachers at pupil referral schools, from HR professionals to homelessness charities, and from social workers to deep sea engineers! Our tried and tested methods work anywhere and everywhere because they focus on the needs of your team, your stakeholders and your customers.

Just some examples of training recently undertaken:

  • Words That Win Hearts & Minds At Work: Learn the simple language tools successful people use to lead, motivate and inspire colleagues and customers, for management, communication, negotiation, sales and planning
  • NLP In The Workplace: Increasing personal effectiveness, building better relationships and leading and inspiring people using selected techniques from Neuro Linguistic Programming and other business strategy models and tools, carefully tailored to your organisation
  • Build Resilience, Beat Stress: Pinpoint 7 key areas where you can help your people adapt, respond and bounce back from challenges to improve performance, reduce absence and feel happier at work
  • Creative Problem Solving Like A Pro: Techniques to get yourself or your team 'unstuck', trick yourself into seeing new perspectives, get to the root of a problem in 6 short steps, and use metaphor to bring ideas to life and get the best out of your people
  • From Productivity To Procrastination: How evolution, stress, boredom and conflicting values conspire against productivity - and what you can do to get, and stay, on the right track
  • Taming The Top Dogs: Why the beliefs and values that drive how you think and feel are the keys to working well with powerful people: the big personalities, the influential people, the senior managers and the contrasting viewpoints you need to influence
  • Set The Right Goals, Get The Right Results: We often fail to get the best results when our goals are unclear or simply targets in disguise - learn how to create and pursue clear, motivating goals that keep you on track
  • Making Changes Stick: Unpick the shared assumptions, beliefs and values that define your culture and increase your people's appetite for change without causing stress
  • Choose your emotions, control your outcomes: Understand the shortcuts our brains take which create assumptions, conflict and emotional responses - then learn the tools to take control and be at your best in any situation

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Expert guidance through creative and collaborative processes to create, inspire, engage, challenge and unite your people and stakeholders

Our background in applying specialised linguistic and coaching skills to business strategy and planning means we can push all the right buttons for a memorable, productive and insightful session without necessarily knowing about your market - in fact, we can help you harness ideas and expertise from even the most unexpected places in your team.

We do however have expert knowledge of health, housing, social care, local authority and 3rd sector markets and the additional challenges they present - why not ask about other specialist help we can offer in service modelling, change management, service-user/patient engagement and Benefits Realisation Planning in these environments?

We can deliver and support:

  • Away days, team building and meetings
  • Workshops and breakfast/evening seminars
  • Conference seminars and panel discussions
  • Customer, Stakeholder and Staff engagement, co-design and review sessions and workshops
  • Motivational talks
  • Coaching clinics

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Personal & professional development coaching

Coaching that isn't limited by context

Our approach is to understand your situation - what you'd like to have happen, how your situation is affecting you, what's really important to you in this context - and then teach you the tools and techniques to understand and control your behavioural and emotional responses for yourself.

This helps you gain more options and be at your best in any context, in the present and the future - experience tells us that once you've learned to spot your own patterns, one coaching session is almost always enough!

We offer coaching for:

  • Leadership and performance
  • Procrastination, resilience, managing conflict and tackling stress
  • Interviews and public speaking
  • Goal setting, creating your vision and making plans
  • Changing unwanted habits and behaviours, losing weight, quitting smoking and beating fears and phobias

Whatever you approach us for, you'll soon notice how a shift in your perspective can also help you:

  • Gain clarity about what you want in work, life and relationships
  • Work out for yourself how to achieve your goals and overcome challenges
  • Overcome beliefs, fears and anxieties that hold you back
  • Build confidence and self esteem
  • Find the spark and energy to maximise your potential and realise your vision

Coaching can be given in the convenience of your workplace or in the comfort and privacy of our dedicated facility at Lysa's address in Whitley Bay, just a stone's throw from beautiful coastline where the change of scenery can really put you in a new frame of mind.

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Just a few of the organisations we've worked with:

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